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All the Rules to Break

Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames  
Author: foxxcub

Genre: Angst, Adventure.
Word count: 28.000
Rating: NC17


 A notorious serial killer returns after a three-year hiatus, reminding Detective Arthur Moss of the infamous case he couldn’t close. But when the FBI becomes involved, Arthur is forced to work side-by-side once again with Special Agent Daniel Eames, a man who knows Arthur better than Arthur himself will ever admit. Both men must confront their past and heal old wounds in order to bring a psychopath to justice.

Reccing Reasons:

This is a beautifully done AU. I loved how she retained both of the character’s personalities and so much angst and UST - I nearly fell apart waiting for the kiss. And a side dose of plot never hurts :)

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